Alabama Contemporary Art Center

Futures Project (May 2013—February 2014) was a nine-month program that examined future possibilities for the Gulf Coast, with focus areas that were both expected and unexpected.

Futures Project featured a group exhibition of emerging and established visual artists of our time in our 16,000 square ft. gallery. In addition to the exhibition, the CLA organized an extensive slate of educational and public programming to compliment and amplify Futures Project.

Artists’ projects were considered a springboard for new conversations, and CLA welcomed their input and ideas for all public programs and activities. A different topic relating to the future was examined through film screenings, public forums and conversations, studio classes and workshops for all ages, plus special programming for teens and seniors.Topics included:Childhood & aging
Home, place & immigration
Race, class & ethics
Communication, information, knowledge & wisdom
Education & learning, success & failure
Health, wellness & spirituality
Environment, climate change, prediction & politics
Art & cultural organizations
Mobile & downtown economic development